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I’m Rob Barratt, a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast. My research looks at the use of 3D reconstruction and computational tools to interpret and present archaeological data, mainly in the Maltese islands.

I use this blog to share ideas and results which I feel could be of use to others. I am very bad at keeping it updated, but if you have similar interests please subscribe and get in touch!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Rob,
    I have questions about the photo techniques you use in the excavation. Can you give me an email address?

  2. Hi, Rob,

    my name is Astrid and my colleague Sarah and me are doing quite the same stuff on 3D and photogrammetry in Archaeology, well, actually Epigraphy. If you are interested, we just started our blog https://epigrammetry.hypotheses.org/.
    It would be nice, having another 3D-blogger-archaeologist to talk about our experiences – I just read your post on the Tower-of-London-graffiti. Nice work, by the way.

    You can reach us: epigrammetry@gmail.com

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