Using Iphone Camera for Photogrammetry

I mentioned before I recently received an Iphone 4s, and having been a strong supporter of Windows against Apple, I am slowly being converted over. Apart from the great thing of being able to carry my models around and show fellow archaeologists without risking the life of my laptop, I have started exploring the advantages […]

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Some Issues with Photogrammetry

This is based on some of the work I did for my dissertation. I realised that as it stands it isn’t likely to be published, so I thought I should at least share some of the concepts and ideas that I used for it. Creating Photogrammetric models for archaeology can be a simple process, but […]

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Program Overview: Meshlab

When writing my third year dissertation a few months ago I analysed a basic method of creating photogrammetric models using 123D Catch, and when it came to discussing the later editing of the models the program I turned to was Meshlab. I’d originally come across this program when looking at the Ducke, Scores and Reeves […]

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The Winged Victory of Samothrace Reconstructed Digitally Using Tourists’ Photographs.

If you’ve been following my latest attempts to recreate famous monuments through Photogrammetry, using nothing but tourists’ photographs finally I have something to show for your patience. Before you get your hopes up, it is still not perfect, but it’s a step forward. The idea behind this is that 123D Catch uses photographs to create […]

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