Photogrammetric Pottery Reassembling (PPR) Preview


This is part of a little project I’ve been working on, and which I’m hoping to write an article about soon. What you see here is a pot which was originally in fragments, and that I’ve reassembled virtually, in order to avoid having to glue it together.

I used 123D Catch to digitise the pieces of pot, and Blender to reassemble them and correct some of the textures.

The most fragments I’ve been able to put together at the moment is 9, but there is certainly the potential for making much larger and more complex pots come back to life.

The aim of this method is to preserve the pottery as much as possible as well as provide an online copy of the object that is visible to the general public, thus making archaeology even more accessible to all.



Hi everyone, my name is Rob Barratt and I’m currently finishing my third year in archaeology at Cardiff University. During my time here I have developed a passion in anything computer related, and in particular with 3D modelling. As part of my dissertation I’m exploring the advantages of the technique called Photogrammetry in the archaeological field, based on a number of models I have created over the past two years. In order to make this information accessible to the general public (which is the main aim of archaeology) I have decided to create this blog to run you through my work and keep you updated with anything else I come up with. I hope you enjoy your visit.