Program Overview: 123D Catch

123D Catch is my program of choice when it comes to Photogrammetry, and although it comes with some limitations, I still believe it is the most efficient piece of software when it comes to everyday archaeological modelling. It combines speed, accuracy, an easy interface and it is free to use, even commercially. Speed: Especially in […]

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8 Reason Why We Should Be Using Photogrammetry in Archaeology

If you are an archaeologist you should be using Photogrammetry because: It is easy to use: Unless you are dealing with something extremely large or extremely complex, Photogrammetry has an extremely high success rate. When it was still based on camera calibration, complex calculations and precise measuring was necessary, but with more modern programs often […]

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Accuracy of 123D Catch

I always go on about how Photogrammetry should be used to record everything from small finds to entire sites, but just how accurate are these models? Are they good enough only for recording the objects as nice images or can they actually be used to gain more archaeological information? In essence, is it technology for […]

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