Xpress Radio To Broadcast Archaeological Show on the Concept of Time

Cardiff University’s own radio station, Xpress Radio is soon going to be broadcasting a purely archaeological show on how the concept of time has changed through the course of history, called “It’s About Time!”. A total of six episodes have been planned at present, each of which will deal with a specific time period, ranging from Prehistory to Post-Medieval.


The show will be presented by third year History student Sara Caputo and second year Drama student Jordan Woodley, who also has a year as a Philosophy student under his belt. The archaeological aspect on the other hand will involve research provided by myself, Rob Barratt (professional archaeologist and BA in Archaeology), as well as a number of interviews to lecturers and fellow archaeologists who excel in the specific time periods debated in each episode.

The show will be focusing on the concept of time, and more specifically on how people used to perceive time in the past. It is specifically aimed to people who have only a fleeting knowledge of archaeology itself, but wish to know more, but is also suitable to people who already know a lot on the subject, but are curious about past thought.


At present a time frame is being calculated and I’ll update this blog with more information once the broadcasting dates are decided, however the show should begin around the beginning of November and run for 6 weeks until the middle of December.

Audience participation is greatly desired, so if you do have any questions regarding the concept of time through history comment underneath and I’ll try to include your queries on the show.

For more information on Xpress Radio check out the link at http://www.xpressradio.co.uk

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